Honda UMC435LAAT VersAttach 35.8cc Gas

Maintaining your yard will now be easier than ever with Honda’s VersAttach UMC435LAAT 35.8cc Gas 4-Stroke Power Head. The VersAttach system will allow you to interchange seven different tool attachments into this power heard, giving you the ability to do any job, anytime. The 4-stroke engine of the UMC435LAAT produces unnoticeable noise and emission, and the body’s simple push and clock locking joints, make swapping out attachments a breeze. Save space and money, from multiple expensive tools, and do all your yardwork with VersAttach family.
  • 4-stroke engine creates low noise, vibration and emissions, with an easy-to-start, as well as a clean and straightforward refueling system
  • Innovative push and click joint locking system has been designed for minimum effort and maximum simplicity
  • Compatible with a wide range of interchangeable attachments to effectively convert this power head into seven different tools in one allowing you to save space and money
  • UMC435LAAT VersAttach 35.8cc Gas 4-Stroke Power Head – 660930
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