Moving to the Country!

Yep. We decided to move to the country! Some people were a little shocked by this since we seem like “city folk,” so I thought I would give you all the full story. 😉

My friends who have known me most of my life weren’t surprised. I have loved horses as long as I can remember. I used to beg my parents for one and to move to the country. If things like that can be inherited, then I got it from my dad. He had horses growing up and even rodeoed for a living when he was younger. Here is a picture of him from his glory days.

And here is one of us both riding.

I remember my grandma (his mom) telling me that when he was a kid he said when he grew up he was going to have horses grazing right up to his front door. This sounded like a great dream to me, so I decided to make it mine as well.

I begged and begged for a horse for years and didn’t get one. But I did go to horse camp every summer growing up and rode friends’ horses any chance I got. And then, in high school, my parents made my dream come true by getting me a horse!! His name was Amigo and he was perfect. He came with me to horse camp one year, and we went on lots and lots of trail rides, play days, barrel races and I even competed in rodeo queen contests with him.

Rustin didn’t grow up around horses, but he did grow up around the outdoors. His hometown is in the Four Corners region and he was only 45 minutes from Durango, CO. Instead of spending their free time playing video games, he and his friends would ride jeeps in the canyon or go skiing.

When we met, he was living in Denver – where he always wanted to live. I won’t get into all the details or he said / she said 😉 but he was under the impression I was down to live there forever, but when it snowed in May this Texas girl was OUT!

So anyway both of us wanted to be in the country. Me to have my horses, and him to be in the “outdoors.” We thought we would save up for a few years and then make the move, but then when A1 was about to start school we felt like we were at a crossroads. We didn’t want to have her switch schools when she was older, so it was sort of now or never.

We knew what we wanted but at the same time didn’t. I wanted at least two acres so I could have a horse. To me, it was pointless to move to the country if I couldn’t. Rustin didn’t want to take care of a lot of land and didn’t want to be too far out and wasn’t too sure about a horse. He wanted lots of trees. I liked trees too, but also wanted a pasture.

First of all there weren’t a lot of options. If we wanted a one acre lot in a subdivision then we would have been set. But we didn’t want to see neighbors and didn’t want just a big yard. The few options that were out there seemed to be something either Rustin liked or I liked, but we didn’t agree.

But then we finally found a house and put in an offer. They verbally accepted, and in my mind, we were moving. Well a bit later we found out it was in a floodplain and would require expensive annual insurance. It may sound silly, but I was devastated. I didn’t think we would find anything again that we both liked, in a location we liked, going to a school we liked. I felt like my dream was crushed.

Well shortly after that another house came on the market. Again we put in an offer and they verbally accepted. It was a divorced couple and everything was done through their lawyers and took forever. So when they didn’t give us the signed contract for several days, we didn’t think much of it. I sold several pieces of furniture and once again, thought we were for sure moving. Then they came back and said they received another offer and needed us both to submit our best and final offer by Sunday night and they would tell us the decision on Tuesday. Of course the waiting was SO hard. And they didn’t tell us until THURSDAY that we lost the bid!

I was ready to be done but the NEXT DAY a house came on the market and I fell in love. I just knew it was for us. It looked like Joanna Gaines had designed it, it was covered in trees, in an area we liked, in our price range, 2 acres. Perfect. We worked with our agent on what offer would for sure get us this house and offered WELL over asking price, no contingencies and STILL lost it. 🙁

That one put us both under. We were completely emotionally drained from the process. Now A1 was in school and we started wondering if we should give up. One door after another was closing. We didn’t know if God was telling us this isn’t where He wanted us. So I prayed. A lot. I asked Him if he didn’t want this for us then to change my heart because I still so desperately wanted to be in the country.

We kept our search alerts up, but there was no inventory. I decided that IF it was going to happen, it would happen in spring or summer when more houses go on the market. That would be great too so A1 could finish the school year. So I put the whole moving thing on hold in my mind. Then one night our house came on the market. It didn’t even have any pictures up yet, just a description. Four acres, a guest house, shop, barn, heavily treed, but also a horse pasture. I immediately texted Rustin who was out of town and sent him the link with ALL THE HEART EYES!!

A few things happened that made us really think this is where God has us and we should put in an offer. They accepted – no back and forth. But then it was the stressful part – selling our house. This was at the beginning of December. I was so worried because who buys a house right before Christmas, mid-school year?? (Except us of course!) Again, we prayed hard and received an offer the DAY after it went on the market.

I didn’t want to move to the country to have a fancy house or anything like that. I wanted to move to get away from it all. To try to live a simpler life. I kept joking this past year that I wanted to move to the country and be Amish. I’m doing half. We’ll see if I do the other half 😉 If I don’t, I’ll be sure to keep you updated on all of our renovations and country life in general!


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