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My husband and I have been wanting to do a trip to Texas Hill Country for a while, so we figured now is a good time! It was really a lot of fun, and I feel like we go to see so many things! And the drive from Dallas wasn’t bad. We definitely didn’t do EVERYTHING there is to do, but we fit in quite a bit. So if you’d like to take your own Tour of Texas, feel free to follow in our footsteps!

I declared our theme song to be “Texas Time Travelin'” by Cory Morrow. Although “My Texas” by Josh Abbott Band would have also been a good choice. We decided to do the biggest chunk of driving on the first day when we were still rested. Nowadays I don’t even mind driving. As long as there’s no kids, it’s a nice little break 😉 Our first stop was the Czech Stop in West, Texas. The kolaches and really everything there is SO good!

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From there we drove straight to San Antonio. Our first stop was the Alamo. Since I used to teach 4th grade Texas History, I could have totally led the tour. (Just kidding – I sadly don’t remember much. I blame having kids.)


Several people recommended getting dinner at Pearl Brewery, but we were very confused by this. We thought it was a brewery (one place) that also served food, but we couldn’t find a menu or any info on a “Pearl Brewery” restaurant. We just decided to go there and check it out for ourselves. We quickly realized that Pearl Brewery is actually a neighborhood complete with different restaurants, bars and shops.


We went to Southerleigh first (since it is actually a brewery) for drinks and appetizers.

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Rustin REALLY wanted the deviled eggs, and I have to admit they were pretty tasty! We left there and went to get dinner. There were several places to choose from, but we landed on La Gloria since you have to get Tex Mex in San Antone! Everyone was ordering these fun-looking drinks, so we decided to give it a try. It’s called a Mangonada.


La Gloria wasn’t bad, and it had a great patio right on the Riverwalk, but it wasn’t that great. I found out later that we apparently should have gone to Mi Tierra.

After dinner, we decided to walk along the Riverwalk several miles back to our hotel. The weather was absolutely perfect and everything was still lit up from Christmas. It was a great walk!


The next morning Rustin brought me breakfast and I stayed in bed watching HGTV as long as I wanted, and it was AMAZING!!



From San Antonio, we started making our way to Fredericksburg. We could have taken a more direct route, but wanted to go to Johnson City and Wine Road 290, so we took 281 north to Johnson City. I wanted to go there because they have the BEST BEEF JERKY EVER! The place is called Whittington’s, and I found out you can buy it online now. You’re welcome.


We also went to Lyndon B. Johnson’s boyhood home.


We got there at 1:59pm and a tour started at 2pm! I am a bit of a history geek so I loved hearing the stories and looking around. This is the parlor and the furniture is original.


And the kitchen –


And of course LBJ’s room (that is a picture of him above the bed) –


The road from Johnson City to Fredericksburg is called Wine Road 290 because, well, there’s lots of wineries. We had recommendations from friends so we stopped by a few  – William & Chris, Hilmy, and Woodrose (which was our favorite!).


As it was getting dark, we made it to our bed and breakfast – Cotton Gin Village – and we stayed in the Rio Grande cabin. I LOVED it!




The next morning we woke up to a delicious picnic breakfast!



The first place we went in Fredericksburg was the National Museum of the Pacific War (like I said – I’m a history geek). It was really a neat museum, and I highly recommend going at least once.




We headed to Fredericksburg Brewing Company and hung out in the Biergarten while we waited for our table. Prost!



We, of course, had to do a shopping stroll down Main Street then decided to try another winery – Fat Ass Ranch and Winery. No, I’m not making this up.



After that we went to Luckenbach. Not sure why, but I have been DYING to go there forever!! I don’t know what I was expecting but there wasn’t much to it, although if someone was playing in the Dance Hall, I could see it being super fun! We did total tourist things like taking pictures in front of the signs and buying a coffee mug and shirt.







The next day we were sort of tired (can you blame us?) so we thought we would just go to a few wineries. We went to one and while we were there, we decided to go to Garrison Brothers Distillery. Or should I say RUSTIN decided. I am not a fan of bourbon and wasn’t thrilled about going, but I had already drug him to several “not fun” things on the trip, so I figured we’d go. Well we were SO GLAD we did!! It may have been one of our favorite places. The ranch was just so neat.


They have several fire pits outside and a lot of refreshments (hot cocoa, water, wine, beer, and all the ingredients for s’mores)! All you have to do is put money in an “honor box” and get what you want. It was about an hour until the next tour so we hung out by the fire.


They take you on a little “hay ride” for the tour –


I wasn’t a huge fan of the actual tour because, like I said, I am not interested in bourbon, but Rustin had fun!


From there we started making our way back toward Dallas. Between Fredericksburg and Austin, we stumbled on Twisted X Brewing Company and stopped by there. In Austin we met up with Rustin’s cousin and her husband who runs Still Austin Whiskey Distillery (which is coming soon) for dinner.

We stayed the night at a hotel in Round Rock and the next day went to my Mothership – Magnolia Market. Yes, I am the typical Fixer Upper fanatic. I had a HUGE shopping list and I may be biased, but it is a really cool place. They have a big outdoor area, which is where Rustin hung out while I shopped. The weather was great, and he grabbed a cup of coffee and told me to take my time 🙂




I can’t wait to show y’all this Cup for Days rack in my kitchen! And of course I stopped by the bakery for cupcakes and they did not disappoint!


From there we stopped in West (again) at the Czech Stop for lunch and headed back to Dallas. I hope you enjoyed this post, and if you take your own Tour of Texas, please let me know!

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