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Does planning outfits for family photos stress anyone else out?? That is the main reason we don’t do pictures every year. I just can’t deal. But I have figured out a few “coping strategies.”

First, I pick the one thing that HAS the be in the pictures. Maybe it’s a prop, or a certain dress for me or the girls. Whatever it is, I build all the other pieces around it.

This year it was this chair. (Ignore the super cute baby for now.)

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I fell in love with it right when I saw it. If you live in Wichita Falls and have not been to Alley Cat Vintage Mercantile, you are MISSING OUT!! I could spend hours in that place. And the best part is, they have cats roaming the store, so my kiddos are entertained while I shop.

So I started out with mustard yellow, and figured burgundy and navy were good colors to add, so now I have a “theme,” which somehow makes me way less stressed.

The next piece I picked out was Arden’s outfit (above). I am a huge sucker for Matilda Jane (although admittedly usually buy it on sale or from goodlucktrunk.com), so I got her this adorable Jorie Knot Top. I LOVE the knot tops because with the straps being adjustable, they can wear them for so long!

I also made Arden’s headband. In fact, I’ve made a lot of hers myself. I bought the supplies from Hobby Lobby and Etsy and followed this tutorial. Easy peasy.

Now *I* needed something to wear. One of my favorite brands is Free People, because at heart, I am a college girl at Coachella. Of course in real life I am not that cool and drive a minivan and wear sweats 90% of the time. Whatever. But I’m not a fan of the price. I absolutely LOVED this dress but was not about to spend $200.


Lucky for me, I found a VERY similar dress at one of my favorite boutiques for a fraction of the price…

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My boots? They are SUPER old (seriously circa 2010) Steve Madden. This is why I could never be a dedicated fashion blogger. Not only do I re-wear things all the time, but I also keep things I like for YEARS. But, y’all will be proud of me, I did buy a new pair of boots this season (with which I am OBSESSED!!). I didn’t get them until after these pictures though. And I always size 1/2 to full size up in Sole Society shoes.

Let’s talk about LIPSTICK! I’ve always worn nude, but since I no longer have to wear foundation I have felt like I could get away with more “made up” lips. I always go to the MAC counter because I love their stuff, and honestly it’s just easier to limit my choices. I told the lady to push me out of my comfort zone…but not too far. She recommended Twig lipstick, Whirl liner, and Dreamy lipglass. I LOVE all of them!! When I want a little lighter color, I use Brave lipstick with the same liner and lipglass.

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Something weird happened this time. Usually I can’t find anything to wear, but this time I was so torn between the above dress and another one. I bought the other at Nordstrom, and although it’s no longer available, I think this is pretty similar. I decided to wear that dress for a few family, but mostly pictures of just me and the huz.

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Now I needed an outfit for Avery, my oldest. I thought of putting her in a Matilda Jane piece too, but unless they were going to match, I felt like it would be too busy. I found her this burgundy dress at Old Navy. And her boots…Can you believe I got them at Walmart?? I think they are just the CUTEST, and they are on sale right now! You’re welcome.

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I guess I should say something about Rustin’s outfit. Y’all, I don’t even know. After styling three humans, I was at my max. I told him what we were wearing and said he could wear blue or mustard and Godspeed…

I would love to hear how you plan your family photos! It is still a daunting task to me. I’ll close with a few more of my faves…

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www.tressavent.com-Andrews Family Portraits-Oct 2015-7www.tressavent.com-Andrews Family Portraits-Oct 2015-35

{Special thanks to my friend, Tressa, at Tressavent Photography for the lovely photos!}

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