Is a Blanket Scarf Really a Blanket?

Ah! My first “fashion” post. I’ve always been a little scared of doing these because what if someone doesn’t like my style?? I finally figured- if they don’t, they probably aren’t following my blog. So here goes…


This is a classic outfit for this season and each of the pieces can be paired with so many other things! Let’s look at each one…

The Blanket Scarf – I figured I should start with this one since it’s in the title. Am I the only one who didn’t really know what a blanket scarf was? I thought maybe it was named that because it felt like a blanket? No. It is literally as big as a FULL SIZED ADULT BLANKET! I had wanted one for a while and just couldn’t find one I liked. Well I happened to find this one while out to dinner with friends in the Bishop Arts District. If you don’t know about Bishop Arts, let me fill you in. It’s an area in South Dallas that is being revitalized and is also the main hangout for hipsters. I really didn’t feel cool enough to even be there. First of all, they don’t even make parking spaces big enough for minivans. It’s like they’re saying – look if you’re not driving a smart car or Prius, then get out of here. Well I didn’t heed the warning, double parked the minivan, walked through several crowds full of man buns, and soldiered on. Ok I may sound like I’m making fun of it, but it really is a cool area. I mean – how awesome is this sign?? (And yes, there’s a baby with us. Is it really that surprising?)


After dinner (at Eno’s Pizza) we walked to a few shops and I got this scarf at a place called the Laughing Willow. I was sort of obsessed with that boutique and imagine it is what mine would be like if I owned one. The owner refinishes furniture and used cool things like old doors as the displays. So of course that was a sign that I had finally found my soul mate blanket scarf. When my husband saw it the next morning he asked (in all seriousness), “why did you buy a blanket?” I don’t blame him. The thing is huge. Thanks to the good ol’ Internet I was able to figure out how to wear it without it accidentally suffocating me.

The Tunic – I am obsessed with long things. The longer the better. After two kids my stomach, butt and thighs like to keep things under wraps. And this one is LONG. It is from one of my favorite Instagram boutiques – Belles and Whistles (@shopbellesandwhistles). They also have free shipping all the time, which somehow makes me feel like I am getting a smokin’ deal. Amazon Prime has ruined me. And yeah it’s sort of wrinkled in the picture. I ironed it for church, it got wrinkled while I wore it, and I didn’t have it in me to iron a second time in less than 24 hours.

The Tights – I am so easily peer pressured. A friend told me these tights were the most comfortable things in the world so I immediately jumped in my car, headed to Bed, Bath & Beyond and made them mine. Ok, I made three pairs mine. I think they’re like $12, fleece lined, and yes, oh so comfy!

The Booties – Please do not ask my husband how many booties were ordered online, sent to our house, and sent back. It may trigger his PTSD he suffered when dealing with the “bootie saga.” I am SO picky and could NOT find a pair that was perfect…until this one. I saw it online at Nordstrom but they were sold out of my size. No fear, I simply googled the brand and bought it from their website – Sole Society. Warning: these fit SUPER small. You need to order a half to full size up. I wear a 7 or 7.5 and these are an 8.

Hope you like the outfit! How do you wear your blanket scarf?

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3 thoughts on “Is a Blanket Scarf Really a Blanket?

  1. I love this tunic you posted about and your post convinced me to order it. I just got my package today and I LOVE it Thank Sam!!

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